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Stale content found while atttempting to deploy voltha



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      Evan Z. encountered a problem while deploying voltha.

      There are a few moving parts to this problem so creating as a story so problem specific tickets can be created and attached.


      I'm trying to deploy voltha locally.(branch: master )
      I notice that the source code has changed a lot since voltha 2.8, but the compose file has not changed accordingly.
      For example, in the file system-test-bbsim.yml
         (attached: system-tests-bbsim.png)
      These commands have since been removed.
      Can we have the latest compose file to test?


      *Resources: *
      The jira server currently lives here:
         * https://jira.opencord.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa
      Repository URL can reference either gerrit (repo) or github (mirror):
         * https://gerrit.opencord.org/plugins/gitiles/voltha-go/+/refs/heads/master/compose/system-test-bbsim.yml#85
         * https://github.com/opencord/voltha-go/blob/master/compose/system-test-bbsim.yml#L85


      I deploy voltha follow this URL:voltha-go/quickstart.md at master · opencord/voltha-go (github.com). I use it successfully deploy the voltha 2.8 after modify a little config of compose file system-test-bbism.yml. (PS, the modify is below)

         (attached: sys-tst-edits.png)
       But the master version changed a lot and the system-test-bbsim.yml is too old. I can't do some simple changes to deploy the master voltha.


      1. Make edits in b-s-t.yml as needed to make the file current and usable:
        1. Add a verify item for release to sanity check source, configs and tests are in sync.
      2.  Identify feature changes in source and determine how/why b-s-t.yml has become stale.
      3. Testing:
        1. Determine if unit testing should have detected this disconnect.
        2. If covered by testing – why was this condition not detected
        3. Create a simple smoke test to validate the config file and sources are kept in sync.
      4. Documentation:
        1. For good measure also review docs for content and accuracy:
          1. Development Quickstart VOLTHA 2.x Build Setup.
        2. Once the source/config/testing dependency is understood document edits needed so the URL can be pasted into code reviews as an FYI for omissions.
      5. See 'docker compose deployment' down below.
        1. If this deployment method is no longer supported:
          1. Deprecate any related yaml config files (system-tests-bbsim.yaml)
          2. Review quickstart docs, deprecate content not relevant:
            1. Migrate docs to https://docs.voltha.org
            2. Add/update repo:voltha-go/README.md with links to the quickstart guide and other resources (linting, building, testing, etc)


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