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      Periodic bbsim job failure (latest)


      Formal kind command tool installer needed:

      voltctl command failure logged

      • 2023-07-21T13:39:53.235Z] + mv ./kind /w/workspace/periodic-voltha-memory-leak-test-bbsim/bin/kind
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.270Z] [Pipeline] echo
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.272Z] ** vars/installVoltctl.groovy::main: ENTER
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.296Z] [Pipeline] echo
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.298Z] ** vars/showCommands::main: ENTER
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.307Z] [Pipeline] echo
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.309Z] ** vars/showCommands::process: voltctl command attributes
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.314Z] [Pipeline] sh
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.669Z] + which -a voltctl
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.685Z] [Pipeline] echo
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.687Z] ** vars/showCommands::main: EXCEPTION hudson.AbortException: script returned exit code 1
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.691Z] [Pipeline] echo
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.694Z] ** vars/showCommands::main: LEAVE
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.698Z] [Pipeline] echo
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.700Z] ** vars/installVoltctl.groovy::main: WARNING hudson.AbortException: script returned exit code 1
        [2023-07-21T13:39:53.708Z] [Pipeline] echo

      Same action sequence needed for the kind command with a few additions:

      • Generic EXCEPTION message not helpful.  Detect and report underlying error condition.
      • Voltctl is installed in a few places, a groovy vars script exists in repo:ci-management which is where this likely came from.  Should refactor this logic into a standalone installer  (versionable for release: new Jira ticket ?) that all jobs can share.

      (sigh) job did not fatal on the voltctl command exception (it should have):

      [2023-07-21T13:39:53.720Z] [Pipeline] echo
      [2023-07-21T13:39:53.722Z]  ** RUNNING: curl -sSL https://api.github.com/repos/opencord/voltctl/releases/latest | jq -r .tag_name | sed -e 's/^v//g'

      Bug alert: lingering reference to vst_venv/  (virtualenv)

      [2023-07-21T13:47:03.947Z] + source ./vst_venv/bin/activate
      [2023-07-21T13:47:03.947Z] /w/workspace/periodic-voltha-memory-leak-test-bbsim@tmp/durable-b95dc45f/script.sh: line 6: ./vst_venv/bin/activate: No such file or directory
      onf-make library makefiles consistently create directory .venv/.
      1. Track down the vst_venv reference.
      2. If this came from a git sub-module the consumed repository will need to be updated to use  makefiles/virtualenv.mk



      Coverage reporting:

      1. [2023-07-21T13:47:08.146Z] 67ba1b653973d27961a762c188e327f8  /w/workspace/periodic-voltha-memory-leak-test-bbsim/bin/voltctl[2023-07-21T13:47:08.146Z] 67ba1b653973d27961a762c188e327f8  /w/workspace/periodic-voltha-memory-leak-test-bbsim/bin/voltctl[2023-07-21T13:47:08.159Z] [Pipeline] step[2023-07-21T13:47:08.165Z] Robot results publisher started...[2023-07-21T13:47:08.165Z] -Parsing output xml:[2023-07-21T13:47:08.370Z] Failed![2023-07-21T13:47:08.370Z] hudson.AbortException: No files found in path /w/workspace/periodic-voltha-memory-leak-test-bbsim with configured filemask: **/*/output*.xml[2023-07-21T13:47:08.370Z]  at hudson.plugins.robot.RobotParser$RobotParserCallable.invoke(RobotParser.java:76)


      1. A job should not reach this point nor generate these errors:
        1. Problems with voltctl command and vst_venv/ were reported earlier
        2. Job should have failed hard at either condition and forced an early exit.
        3. Lack of output.xml reported is due to either the coverage command failing to run due either to lack of content or failure to generate xml files (which is a 3-step task fronted by a makefile target).


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