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BBSIM: OMCI extended message set - make OMCC version configurable




      Using helm chart flags it should be possible to configure the OMCC version of each BBSIM individually. All values defined in the standard ITU-T G.988 Amendment 3 (03/2020) should be configurable. On request the configured value should be reported as OMCC attribute of ME ONU2-G. Depending on the value set, it must be stored in the BBSIM whether the respective BBSIM ONUs support the OMCI baseline message set only or also the OMCI extended message set.

      The following values fall into one of the two categories:

      Support of OMCI baseline message set only
      0x80 ITU-T G.984.4 (06/04)
      0x81 ITU-T G.984.4 2004 Amd.1 (06/05)
      0x82 ITU-T G.984.4 2004 Amd.2 (03/06)
      0x83 ITU-T G.984.4 2004 Amd.3 (12/06)
      0x84 ITU-T G.984.4 2008 (02/08)
      0x85 ITU-T G.984.4 2008 Amd.1 (06/09)
      0x86 ITU-T G.984.4 2008 Amd.2 (2009)
      0xA0 ITU-T G.988 (2010)
      0xA1 ITU-T G.988 Amd.1 (2011)
      0xA2 ITU-T G.988 Amd.2 (2012)
      0xA3 ITU-T G.988 (2012)

      Support of OMCI baseline as well as extended message set
      0x96 ITU-T G.984.4 2008 Amd.2 (2009)
      0xB0 ITU-T G.988 (2010)
      0xB1 ITU-T G.988 Amd.1 (2011)
      0xB2 ITU-T G.988 Amd.2 (2012)
      0xB3 ITU-T G.988 (2012)
      0xB4 ITU-T G.988 Amd1 (2014)

      Once the OMCI extended message set support is implemented for a specific area (additional stories are still being defined for each area), BBSIM shall respond to an OMCI request of the extended message set with a corresponding OMCI response from the extended message set. If BBSIM receives an OMCI request from the extended message set, but OMCC is configured with a value from the category "Support of OMCI baseline message set only", a negatively acknowledged OMCI response shall follow.

      Whether an OMCI request is a request from the baseline or the extended message set is signaled in the message header field "Device identifier" according to the G.988/11.2.3 standard:

      "In baseline OMCI messages, this field is defined to be 0x0A.
      In extended OMCI messages, this field is defined to be 0x0B."


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