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Fix DMI tests




      There are 3 issues: * Set Hw Component Info

      TC flow: Get Hw Component Info, then do Set Hw Component Info by updating the component_name. Test expects result as StatusCode.UNIMPLEMENTED

      BBSim: Working fine. The test is in-line with the bbsim implementation here. https://github.com/opencord/bbsim/blob/master/internal/bbsim/dmiserver/dmi_hw_mgmt.go#L446

      Physical Pod: Failing with statement: {{'{'status': 'ERROR_STATUS', 'reason': 'INVALID_PARAMS', 'reason_detail': 'modifying component names is not supported'}' }}Also, from the adtran-olt-device-manager logs:
      default/adtran-olt-device-manager-68f58fb5c8-7qjwq[adtran-olt-device-manager]: IH 2022-02-10 10:53:07.650 ERROR SetHWComponentInfo: modifying component names is not supported <protobuf.go:704>
      default/adtran-olt-device-manager-68f58fb5c8-7qjwq[adtran-olt-device-manager]: IH 2022-02-10 10:53:07.650 DEBUG SetHWComponentInfo: req[device_uuid:<uuid:"f6af191f-adc4-5968-aee1-32391dd2b63e" > component_uuid:<uuid:"3d7dc791-179e-5b0d-b69a-02b0cb12b780" > component_name:"cpu 0/1" changes:<name:"new-value" > ] response[status:ERROR_STATUS reason:INVALID_PARAMS reason_detail:"modifying component names is not supported" ] <protobuf.go:706>
      Verified manually, setting/modifying other fields like alias is working fine.

      Solution: Keep it as is for BBSim, update the test trying set for both component name and some field with the expected output results for physical pod.

      • SetLoggingEndpoint

      a. TC flow: Do SetLoggingEndpoint, verify this by performing GetLoggingEndpoint and finally reset by again calling SetLoggingEndpoint but this time passing logging_enpoint value as '' (empty quotes). The issue is during resetting with empty quotes. This TC does not run on BBSim
      b. On physical-pod the error is: {{

      Unknown macro: {'status'}


      default/adtran-olt-device-manager-68f58fb5c8-7qjwq[adtran-olt-device-manager]: CM 2022-02-10 10:53:07.811 ERROR invalid endpoint: error[empty endpoint] <protobuf.go:155>

      Solution: set both endpoint and protocol to an empty value.

      • GetManagedDevice

      a. TC Flow: This issue happens during the Suite Teardown where after calling StopManagingDevice, the system is verified through GetManagedDevice output. Test expect empty response.
      b.  BBSim: Working fine. In bbsim it checks for uuid and if it is empty, it send empty response. https://github.com/opencord/bbsim/blob/master/internal/bbsim/dmiserver/dmi_hw_mgmt.go#L557
      c. Physical Pod: Fails because in the response we getting status field:

      jenkins@Server4:~/root/workspace/verify_dt-berlin-pod-gpon-adtran_Default_DT_voltha_master_dmi$ ./grpcurl -v --plaintext $DM_IP dmi.NativeHWManagementService.GetManagedDevices

      Resolved method descriptor:
      rpc GetManagedDevices ( .google.protobuf.Empty ) returns ( .dmi.ManagedDevicesResponse );

      Request metadata to send:

      Response headers received:
      content-type: application/grpc

      Response contents:
      "status": "OK_STATUS"

      Response trailers received:
      Sent 0 requests and received 1 response

      Solution: all responses (unless the RPC in not implemented) should have a field status.


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