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Rearrange tech-profile delete to trigger ani config deletion by Gem deletion.




      Ani side configuration for tech-profile should be removed when the all GEMs of the tech-profile removed .
      Currently it is done by TCONT deletion which fails in the case TCONT shared between UNI for same service so no TCONT deletion fired during the service removal of one UNI.
      Analysis share in Slack channel:
      "When checking for the unprovision+provision again case in multi-uni shared TCONT(onu:single-instance, uni:single-instance) case, I ended up with the idea that the FSM needs to be changed for correct implementation of this feature. Here are my findings:
      Currently we are deleting the 802.1 Mapper and ANI side MacBridgePortConfig and the ANIFsm of a UNI+techProfile when we receive deleteTCONT from olt-adapter for aforementioned UNI and techProfile. But referring to G988 Figure II. ,

      • There isn’t a one-to-one relation between the TCONT deletion and UNI ANI configuration. When a tcont deletion is issued from olt-adapter, this means that no more services(of any UNI) use this TCONT anymore. E.g in case we have same service on two different UNIs using the same TCONT, when we delete the service of first UNI, no TCONT deletion is issued. If then we delete the service of the second UNI, deleteTCONT message is sent to onu-adapter indicating that the TCONT has no consumer now and can be deleted. This deleteTCONT message includes UNI id of the second UNI but actually it doesn’t make any sense to me. So the deleteTcont message itself doesn’t mean that the ANI side configuration for this tech profile of this UNI should be deleted(so the FSM itself).
      • The ANI side configuration and the ANI FSM of a UNI+techProfile should be deleted if all the GEMs referred to this 802.1 Mapper(or in the TP) are deleted.
      • Besides, a deleteTcont should delete the TCONT from device, only if it is not referred(used) in any other ANI Fsm."


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